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Orthopaedic Theatre and Recovery Facility

NHS Nightingale Hospital, Exeter – Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust

Project highlights

  • Project delivered as part of a wider regeneration of the site after it had been used as a COVID-19 hospital during the pandemic

  • Two state-of-the-art orthopaedic operating theatres and a four-bed first stage recovery suite

  • Five-year bespoke hire agreement

  • Rapid procurement via the NHS SBS Framework: the project involved a 16-week delivery time from order

  • The swift delivery of this project will ensure future resilience for the Trust to support the NHS across Devon and the southwest.

In December 2021, ModuleCo Healthcare (MCH) successfully handed over a modular orthopaedic theatre and recovery suite to Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust.

In partnership with our manufacturing partner, ModuleCo, we were able to successfully deliver the entire state-of-the-art modular facility in just 16 weeks – around half the delivery time of a traditional build approach.

The decision was made to re-ignite the original building, which was converted to a Nightingale Hospital used to support the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. The addition of modular theatre facilities was an integral part of this extension, enabling the site to provide a full suite of healthcare services including diagnostic treatment, such as X-rays, MRI scans, as well as ophthalmology, rheumatology, and operating theatres for orthopaedic day patients.

 MCH was successful in a competitive tender process for the project and delivered the £3million facility via a bespoke hire agreement, saving the Trust much-needed upfront capital and allowing them to utilise a state of the art facility with the ability to reduce waiting lists over a five year period.

Delivered via our “true off-site” approach using MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) techniques, ModuleCo and MCH worked closely with the trust’s clinical and senior management teams to develop detailed drawings of the modular facility, that aligned with the needs of the healthcare workers who will be operating in the space. All checks and snagging works were completed off-site to ensure the facility was fully compliant before being delivered.

The two operating theatres and accompanying four-bed recovery facility were delivered as 10 individual, 4m x 12m modules. The modules were installed on-site in just four days, minimising disruption. From here, the team spent just six weeks finalising the installation of the facility before officially handing it over to the Trust in December 2021.  

The successful delivery of this facility will help play a crucial role in combatting the acute service backlog and significant waiting lists caused by the pandemic, across the whole region.

David Knight, Head of Capital Projects at the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said of the new modular facility: “ModuleCo and ModuleCo Healthcare were able to provide us with an effective solution which is supporting us to tackle our waiting lists, surpassing our expectations both in terms of speed and quality of delivery.

“We now have a state-of-the-art modular orthopaedic operating theatre and recovery suite, which will help us to support long waiting patients and deliver quality care to our patients.”

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