ModuleCo Healthcare

Pay Per Use

IFRS16 exempt Pay-Per-Use (PPU) clinical capacity solution

Following changes to the NHS accounting and budgetary processes ModuleCo Healthcare (MCH) can not only provide award-winning HTM & HBN compliant modular theatre and ward facilities but also offer a true revenue solution with no CDEL utilisation required. Our Pay-Per-Use solutions have been structured to be IFRS16 exempt and provide a genuine procurement option for improving clinical capacity with no capital outlay from the Trust. 

What is a PPU funding solution? 

Our pay-per-use offering allows a Trust to pay for the facility based on actual usage. This provides unparalleled cost-efficiency, controlling expenses by aligning them directly with surgical volume ensuring a cost-efficient approach to facility management. Ultimately if the facility is not used The Trust doesn’t pay anything. This revolutionary model provides an IFRS16-exempt solution that does not impact CDEL limits through utilising revenue budgets.

What are the benefits of PPU to NHS Trusts?

Variable payment structure

  • Variable payments, only paying when the facility is in use allowing for accurate and effective forecasting.
  • The ability to utilise revenue budgets.
  • Including equipment and enabling works where required providing a true no capital solution.

 Legislative Compliance

  • IFRS16 exempt solution
  • No requirement to utilise CDEL

Increased Capacity

  • Greater flexibility in responding to unexpected surges in demand.
  • Increased resilience.
  • Reduced waiting times for patients.
  • Permanently facility designed to meet short-term requirements.
  • 60-year design life.
  • HTM and HBN compliant.
  • Immediately Available theatre patent ready in 5 weeks – Click here for more information.

Easy Procurement

Available through a variety of compliant, robust framework agreements to save time and resources, ensuring a more efficient, cost-effective solution.


Approved Framework Supplier

MCH is an accredited supplier on the NHS Shared Business Framework, Crown Commercial Services Framework and NHS Commercial Solutions Framework which guarantees that all of our modular facilities and products comply with the strict regulatory criteria set out by NHS clinical and procurement teams in terms of design, quality and value for money.

Both the facilities themselves and the finance solution provided are created to meet the clients brief, ensuring the facilities are both functional and financially viable. 

Our NHS is always under immense pressure to respond to changing pressures and priorities. With this in mind, now could be the ideal time to explore alternative avenues and work together to ensure NHS workers can continue to deliver life-changing care in a secure, compliant environment that is both affordable and fit for purpose.